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I am actually married to Patti and Don's Grandson Farron. It is always an honor to hear stories and see pictures of her in the past. It is very inspirational to me to see that she was such a strong woman. I hope that through all that she has done that she is an inspiration to other women as well. Keep up the good work.


I worked in burlesque with Patti at the Follies Theatre in L.A. duing the 50\'s. I was known as \"NOVITA\" - dubbed by Bob Mgr. as \"THE PIXIE OF BURLESQUE\" - I and Jeannie Lee formed the EXOTIC DANCERS LEAGUE CLUB..I\'m still the Vice-President! Patti was not involved with the League as I have read..I knew Lillian Hunt well , and her husband Leon De Voe..singer, straight man..(drunk) - got so mad one night, he cut all the fingers off of his clown gloves! I worked with Harry Savoy, Artie Lloyd, Harry Clexx, etc..I forget now..it\'s been a long time..I\'m still an artist - chk out...http://www.rosiemitchell.org and http://www.hollywoodmuse.com/rosiemitchell - maybe Google it...Best in Burlesque...Rosie Mitchell/aka/NOVITA

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