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Advertizing Rates

Advertising directly on our web site is offered to a degree and at our discretion.

The idea behind the advertising we allow on www.pattiwaggin.com is designed to give advertisers a unique space under certain guidelines. These guidelines must not detract from the site, nor can they promote anything illegal or what might be considered inappropriate.

Such things as links to general porn sites will not be allowed although links to sites which discuss and deal with mainstream burlesque may be allowed.

The ad rates are as follows:

Main Page:

Link: $35 per month, minimum of 6 months

Block ad: $125 per month, minimum of 6 months

Video ad: $250 per month minimum of 6 months.

Secondary Pages:

Link: $25 per month, minimum 6 months

Block ad: $75 per month, minimum of 6 months

Video ad: $150 per month, minimum of 6 months


Licensing rates vary from project to project. Due to the nature of the subject and the two very different personalities and fields they were involved in, the rates for Don Rudolph and Patti Waggin will be quite different. Market size and target area will have an impact on prices as well. Please inquire and we will set up a meeting either by phone or in person as to the nature of the licensing project and the cost involved.

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