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BATWagon LLC is a partnership of three people involved in the Patti Waggin project which features books, videos, memorabilia and all things involving former burlesque star Patti Waggin and her former major league ball player husband Don Rudolph. Both are deceased but all rights to their images, names and documents are owned and controlled by BATWagon LLC.

The three main people involved in the project are Bob Brill, Terrance Bonham and Amy Menkes Stoody. They formed BATWagon LLC.

Bob Brill is a longtime broadcast and print journalist with about 40 years experience in the field who first came to learn about Patti Waggin and Don Rudolph in 1959 on his sixth birthday. A cartoon featuring the stage performer appeared on the back of Rudolph's 1959 Topps baseball card under the heading "Don's wife is a professional dancer." This card was in the first pack of trading cards ever opened by Brill.

Years later Brill discovered he lived for several years just a few miles away from the couple and they, along with Brill and his parents had accounts at the same bank. This bank was across the street from where the Brills lived in San Fernando, California. This interesting coincidence grew even stronger when Brill later learned he came within a whisker of playing in the same youth baseball league a retired Rudolph was coaching in.

While Brill doesn't believe he ever met the Rudolph's, all of this and more regarding the pair kept Brill close to their story. He later would write several articles about them. In 2008 he acquired most of the estate of the couple from a dealer and would later, along with his partners, negotiate a deal for the rights to the pair.

Brill remains a huge fan of Ms. Waggin and her late husband to this day and chose to write several books and produce other projects. Brill is in the process of writing a feature film screen play.

Terrance Bonham grew up in the San Francisco Bay area hearing about the aforementioned Patti Waggin. She performed there quite often and got her start in the 1940's as a dancer in local clubs in the City by the Bay.

Bonham would later go into the military and earn a law degree. A serious baseball fan Bonham was excited to learn about the Waggin/Rudolph project and became the first partner in the later formed LLC. He is currently the senior partner in a Ventura, California based law firm.

Amy Menkes Stoody became friends with Brill while both of them worked for KNX News Radio in Los Angeles. Brill as a news anchor and reporter, Stoody as a legal analyst interviewed weekly for radio by Mr. Brill. They became good friends and when approached about the Waggin/Rudolph project, Ms. Stoody, a Newport Beach, California attorney, immediately loved the idea and joined in.

She is the senior partner in a law firm but previously owned her own dance and night club in Santa Barbara, California before going back to school to get her law degree. The lovely Ms. Stoody remains a fixture in Orange County politics and in involved in many social as well as charitable foundations.

The Waggin/Rudolph project is a for profit venture dedicated to reviving the names of the late couple while bringing attention to the fields they worked in, especially burlesque. The rise in burlesque interest in recent years has spawned a new era as well as many branches of what has become the new burlesque. Much of it doesn't even resemble the stage acts performed by the athletic Ms. Waggin and her counterparts.

We also offer licensing for commercial projects.

The couple was one of the most liked in their fields. She was the fresh faced girl next door and he was the practical joking southpaw whose career spanned about 15 seasons, most of them in the minor leagues. To say they were both very well liked is an understatement.

Through these books, memorabilia and licensing deals we hope not only to keep their names alive but to allow the public and future generations to know their unique story.

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